If there was another word for perfect it would be Dounia. I found her on Instagram, paying no attention to her music, creeping on her, mostly just being jealous of her clothes. One lazy night I thought eh fuck it lets have a look at this video, turns out it was a live acoustic of East Coast Hiding. I am now listening to it on repeat and will continue to do so for hours.

I don’t typically like female singers, I usually find them whiny and annoying but Dounia’s voice has a very distinctive coolness to it. It’s a sexy cool, not something you would listen to whilst jerking off in the darkness, there’s something more flirty about it. I was attempting to compare it to Lana Del Rey in my head however realistically Dounia surpasses her in every way possible (speaking as a fan of Lana).

If you’re not already get your ass over to that SoundCloud link and give this woman as much love as humanly possible (without getting stalky…).

Here are links to her SoundCloud and social media:


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