Interview with WEAK13

Walk me through the creative process of your debut album ‘They Live’ 

Well we took our time to make sure that this debut studio album was exactly how we wanted it to sound along with being morally honest and artistically satisfying; not all
artists or bands have that luxury of time. We basically wrote a lot of songs between us before finding our ideal producer who is Mr John Stewart and then us going head first into the studio. On our first recording session we decided which tunes would be great on an album. However, once we got started I think the whole creative gene started going AWOL and me and bass player Wesley Smith would have written about ten more ideas for new songs. We’d be there thinking “We can’t put every song idea into this album” so we’d then go back and rethink. Looking back now I imagine that only about 2 songs out of our first intended batch such as ‘Sex Pest’ and ‘Joke’ actually survived to make it to the finished album. 

We kept coming up with bigger, new tunes and it was a real debate as to which track to record next. I’ve got personal favorites that never made it to the album because in the end we decided rather than rant about who likes what the most; we thought of the fans and our bands’ message and decided to just make a great album.

Making a great album is a challenge, I think, for songwriters than just making one great song. An album is longer way of telling a story and it’s an art form to ensure that you’ve not only made a powerful record but one that people will want to play from start to finish over and over again.

What’s the inspiration behind the song ‘Obey the Slave’?

Common sense, our lying media, all wars, brainwashing, population control under our very noses and hard facts that no one seems willing to address. ‘Obey the Slave’ is about everything that’s wrong, it’s the last tune on the ‘They Live’ album and a lot of people have asked us “what’s it about?”. Truth is we couldn’t say everything in one song which is why it very nicely sets things up for our second album which we’ve started production on.

If you could co-operate with any band or artist who would it be and why?

That’s a good question. Well a lot of my earlier heroes are either dead now or faked their death. The new music from bands and songwriters coming from the underground scene in the Midlands in England is very inspiring and there’s a lot of bands and writers I’d love to work with. I pretty much work on the gig circuit with people I respect but there are still a few left on the “to work with” list. I’d love to write a song with Left for Red.

Where did the band name WEAK13 come from?

There’s the long way I answer this normally and there’s the short way; this time it’s the short way. I just wanted the best band name in the world and that’s our band name.

How do you balance your personal life and your musical career?

I don’t. Well I seem to have got this far spinning multiple plates that it’s all just instinct anyway. Our music isn’t just a bunch of tunes; they are messages of hope and survival surrounded by a very fake cold uncaring world and it’s a duty to get the message out. So your personal life can suffer sometimes. I try and have as much fun as possible in everything I do and I think that pisses a lot of critics off but they just see the fun finished products a lot of the time. It’s hard to create everything that’s in your head that you think about in one month and people are misled into taking hard work for granted. Sometimes things don’t go the way you intended them to and you have to wait. Like some folks are always finding time to do a particular everyday thing but are always worrying about what they haven’t done; you just gotta take a step back on occasions and make sure you are happy with your personal life.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

The second WEAK13 studio album is our main agenda. We are making new music videos for some of the other tunes from the ‘They Live’ album. That album is growing in popularity and we’re very proud of it. You can order it on

And don’t forget to check out the band on Twitter and Facebook.


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