Interview with EastDear Park

Walk me through the creative process of your latest EP ‘M’.

After we released our album “Reflections”, our band went through a LOT of ups and downs. None of us come from money, so we were all pretty much on our own financially and wow did the real world hit us all in the face. We got to learn all about working shitty jobs to pay rent and shitty bills while still trying to keep the flame alive and keep the band moving. We each had our dark spot and almost completely quit all together at one point. After it seemed like all we worked for was lost, we came together and wrote four of the best songs we’ve ever written in our opinion. The lyrics were everything I felt us go through over those two years and I could not be more proud of this EP. It shows that there is always light after darkness, and that if you just keep fighting all your adversities will only strengthen you.

What’s the inspiration behind the songs?

The ups and downs over the past years were crazy. The ups were amazing and oh man were the downs dark, but now we’re stronger than ever and the flame couldn’t be more alive than it is now in each of us. If you listen to the EP from front to back, you’ll hear the tone go from distraught and angry to uplifting and optimistic, just like the ups and downs in life.

If you could co-operate with any band or artist who would it be and why?

Touring with August Burns Red, Between The Buried and Me, The Contortionist, and Wage War would be such a sick lineup.

Where did the band name, EastDear Park, come from?

We started practicing at my parents house which is located off of East Deer Park rd. Growing up in that neighborhood getting into all sorts of trouble made us who we are today. We wanted a name that didn’t define us musically, but represented where we came from.

How do you balance your personal life and your musical career?

It’s definitely tough, but everything we do at this point is to further the band. If you decide to make it in a band, you have to accept that you’re gonna have to sacrifice living a normal life. Being social has to come sparingly, and definitely don’t expect a life of luxury. Just know that what you need is more important than what you want. Going out and partying now is fun, but partying on a tour bus traveling the country sounds much more worth it.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

Right now we’re working on two more music videos and getting ready to start hitting the road in October!!

And don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Bandcamp pages!



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