Interview with Darius of The Deadnotes

hereWalk me through the creative process of your upcoming debut album ‘I’ll Kiss All Fears out of Your Face’.

A couple songs off that record are very old ones for us and were written already two years ago or something. However the most tracks have been written in very short period of time or even in the studio and during the recording process as well. It usually takes us ages until we’re happy with the product and I remember us trying to arrange a 10 second part for 3 hours. This time we wanted to make it different. We met one week before we went to the studio, gathered all our ideas and tried to make the very best out of it. I think that really helped to keep the fundament of the album and also the lyrics as rough and straight from the heart as possible.

How do you balance your personal life and your musical career?

Since we finished school two years ago we did music pretty much full time. We all do random part time jobs so that we’re able pay our rents somehow. Anyway we’re super lucky that our jobs work super flexible time-wise which means we have the opportunity to go on tour whenever we want. I know that it definitely won’t stay like this forever so I do my best to appreciate the current situation.

What’s the inspiration behind the song ‘Sad & Done’?

It’s song exactly about the balance between personal issues and being on tour or just travelling for a long time in general. When on the road I always get to the point where I question myself why do you do this as there’s so many people at home that you miss, you didn’t get proper sleep for a couple of days and actually got a lot of troubles to fix back home. But then there’s the moments and that’s fortunately most of the time where it just feels incredible and I’m drowning in smiles. Where I couldn’t be happier about the current situation, the people the music and even hanging out in a small car for 10 hours feels comfortable. It’s always hard to find the gap in between such ups and downs when your mind is already in the up and down flow.

If you could co-operate with any band or artist who would it be and why?

Would pretty much love to co-operate with any band. When I was younger and still I’m pretty much into arena rock bands such as Bon Jovi. Something like that would be sick.

We actually just filmed an acoustic session together with Ben from SUCH GOLD. That was great. We love that band, they’re a fantastic bunch of people and I’d consider myself as a real fan. It was a huge pleasure for us that he did that.

Where did the band name, The Deadnotes, come from?

There’s no big deal about it. Our bass player Jakob came up with that idea super randomly almost 5 years ago. Our 14 year old selves just thought it sounded super cool or something. We should have tried “”. Will definitely do that next time.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

We just filmed a new music video a couple of days ago. Our debut album “I’ll kiss all fears out of your face” will be out October 7 and we still got loads of shows coming up in autumn and winter for example with our friends in Astpai on their 15 years anniversary tour or “This is my Fest” in Paris which I literally can’t wait for. Guess there’s a lot to expect from us this year.

You can pre-order their album here and don’t forget to check out their webpage and their Facebook!


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