The Insomnia58 Experience

So on Monday I got myself up to Birmingham and went to the NEC to check out Insomnia (it’s a gaming festival for all of you who don’t know and/or care). I had to get my fat ass up 6am in order to get there for 10. And no the drive is not 5 hours, good ol’ polish had to put on makeup to disguise the hate, next a drive to a buddies house so his ass can drive there. Not gonna lie being in a car with 4 guys for 2 and a half hours (each way), not the worst experience.

My perverted thoughts aside, as soon as we arrived the smell of nerd was in the air. It was easy to tell we were in the right place- oh and let’s not forget massive signs were everywhere. As we were let into the expo hall, my buddies ran for the Xbox stand- well for them it was walking but since I’m a short motherfucker, I had to run…

Let’s get to the games (finally, right…). the ones I tried out included (and this is all over not just Xbox) the new Dead Rising, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of war, Gang Bests- all of these have the polish stamp of approval, they’re pretty great. Only 4 games you say? What the fuck were you doing there the rest of your time you say? Where are actual game reviews you say?

Well my dear reader, the last one ain’t happening. As for your other questions, I was in line to meet Vanoss (which didn’t happen), however I did manage to meet Gassy Mexican and Terroriser-they are Youtubers for anyone living under a rock. It was personally (and still is) hard for me to believe how genuinely nice those two guys are, they’re nothing but that-two nice guys playing video games. Also damn, Max’s accent. As well as watching Mini Ladd with Terroriser and Syndicate (and I wish I cared more about Syndicate) on stage playing rocket league with errr.. British people, it was fun before I got bored and went home.

And so overall Insomnia is fucking fun and all of you nerds reading this should go there for sure (even though security is virtually non-existent). There was also a load of merchandise and shit to buy, me being a poor cunt, only got myself a crappy skull t-shirt which I wear to sleep and other things….. Let’s leave it at that.


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