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Welcome to the house of fun.

Some of you may be in the same ‘phase’ as me, desperately looking for a flat or some kind of accommodation for university, whilst hoping you actually passed your A Levels so you can actually go to that university. My eyes are set for Brighton and if any of you live in the area hit me up and let’s hang out. Music journalism calls for me… or as close as any sort of non-art based subject does.

Today was my day to explore the city and see some potential studios, the only liveable space was already let before I even got there. Great. But overall I feel like I could spend 3 years of my life in a place like that, I just fit in and that really is an incredible feeling which especially with me does not come around often.

But really this article, well more like rumbly rant at this point, is about stress. I am the calmest person I know… usually. However I have never before in my life been more of a mess than now, I am stressing out over several things at a time and this stress is making me unproductive, with art, with writing and with interviews (as you may have noticed). I have been depressed for a portion of my life and I know how it feels to be worthless and desperate but this is a whole new feeling of I don’t know what the fuck I am doing with my life and it’s terrifying.

So if you are going through similar stresses to me then take my advice, because I know its solid yet I don’t follow it anyway. Keep your shit together and take one thing at a time. Meditate, exercise. Basically do all the things I fail to do and you’ll be a ’okay. As I write this I’m thinking ‘why the fuck don’t I do that’- my excuses are- a) I’m a lazy piece of shit and b) I’m in a downward spiral which doesn’t seem to want to give up.

And that is it from me for today folks. As you may be able to tell from my ramblings I have not got my shit together, wish me luck.


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