Field of Giants Interview

If you were a porn star, what would your porn star name be?

Indiana Bones, and our debut film would be Raiders of the Lost Ass! Then the somewhat disappointing follow-up would be Indiana Bones and the Temple of Poon (reviews would be not so great for that one). But we’d finally bring it all back around for Indiana Bones and Ass Crusade….hmm need to work on that title….

How do you balance your personal life with your musical career?

Tell everyone we love that they smell until they leave us alone. Then sit down and stare at an empty pro tools session until your soul withers into a husk of its former self. Then get some cough syrup and mix it with some cheap wine (about a 50/50 mix), drink until everything starts to look a little bit monochrome-ey and then…your ready.

What personal life?!

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Forget Your Words’ from your latest album ‘We Are’?

The Sun Newspaper. Is it even a newspaper? I would rather have all my ball hairs individual plucked out by a masculine Russian lady called Vladlena than read that shit-rag. Can I say shit?

Walk me through your creative process/ how do you make music?

Ooh good question, OK lets do this in 10 easy steps!

Step 1: Put kettle on, make tea. Earl Grey…hot.

Step 2: Remove clothes.

Step 3: Sit around for roughly 3 hours watching episodes of Archer (this is very important).

Step 4: Pick up a guitar

Step 5: Immediately put guitar down again, you’re not ready yet.

Step 6: Lunch. Yay!

Step7: Post lunch poop.

Step 8: Just one more episode of Archer.

Step 9: Play guitar for about 5 minutes and hope that a riff happens.

Step 10: Swallow guilt, say to self “Yeah, that’s enough for one day” and grab some cough syrup.

A penguin wearing an octopus mask walks into the room, why is he there and what’s the first thing he says?

He was invited of course!

First thing he would say would be “Hey guys, sorry I’m late, but all they had at the fancy dress shop was this crappy octopus mask.”

To which we would reply. “Not good enough Perry! Now you get back out there and when you return you better look like a god damn octopus!”

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

We currently sitting around watching episodes of Archer….so you can expect to see our next album by the end of the year. We’re pretty excited as we’ve got more orchestral nonsense going on with this album. We’ve also just finished a Nirvana cover (just for fun) which should be up on pretty soon.

Also more dick pics!

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages!

You can also get their latest album ‘We Are’ on iTunes now!


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