Interview with Maxdmyz

If you could choose how you die, what would be your way to go?

I remember someone asking me once what I most wanted from life – my answer was “a serene death” – a friend of mine told me a while back about the death of his mother: she had cancer and once the doctors had done all they could, they just sent her home – when the end came, she was so afraid she screamed the house down for three days from her mattress – I wouldn’t want to inflict anything like that on the people I love – being alive is about getting ready to be dead for a very long time – I’m working on it…

If you could co-operate with any band or artist who would it be and why?

Lodger-era Bowie – Look Back in Anger is still one of my favourite tunes. Why? I think he was just so open to ideas and so versatile – I’m sure he had at least one great metal album in him, and I would love to have helped him make it (and, no, Tin Machine didn’t cut it).

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?

Songs that really reflect recent changes in our line-up – all the u
sual Maxdmyz elements are still there – melody, big riffs, groove, hooks – but maybe a little more accessible, less abstract than some our other material. Each of the tunes originated with a different band member – which is a classic Maxdmyz trait – so Reason to Live owes a lot to our guitarist Roger’s pop sensibility (although his background early on was very much in death metal); Ex Deo reflects keyboardist Vortex’s sense of anthemic/weird, and bassist A’Zedd has done something you could almost describe as jazz metal with Down in the Dirt, it’s mildly experimental and a lot of fun – the drums are always down to Jay and the lyrics and melody line to me.

Do your religious/political views influence the music you make?

If religion had but one head and I an axe, I’d take its head off – so that’s a yes. As for politics, again yes, completely – everything is about or at least implies a power relation – my lyrics are a playing out of this – part diatribe, part lament, part-incantation?

Tell me about your most odd on-stage experience.

Playing from behind chicken-wire at Electorwerkz in London. I found it really hard to connect with the audience – it was like trying to savour fine wine with a sock in your mouth. I never got to the bottom of why they’d put it there – it was amusing and ridiculous.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

Well, as I said, we have the EP on its way – the working title is Alchemical Metal – although that may change – and apart from the tunes I mentioned we also have a number called All to Hell, which I think might be the first song on the release – we tend to get a little too involved with track order sometime – especially as now I don’t know anyone including me who listens to songs in the order ascribed by the artist. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Vortex’s artwork for it. We haven’t finished recording and mixing yet but, honestly, even at this early rough stage, the tracks are sounding pretty good. And we have a couple of headline gigs coming up in July so we’re rehearsing hard for those.


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