‘One’ EP review- Luxxe

Whoa, what the shit.

I will kiss these guys’ asses to the ground for sure.

I’m a minute into the EP and I’m actually really impressed. Its pop but it’s actually good pop. The sort of music you want to listen to when it’s warm and you’re doing things you actually want to and the day seems pretty damn perfect.  I’d be happy to sit outside and paint all day with this on repeat instead of being stuck in a hot corridor with shitty computers around people who keep touching themselves up.

The band consists of Seth Smades- Guitar and Vocals, Tracy Haddad- Bass, Nullin Hasan – Keys and Flute and Devon Quartullo- Drums. The band describe themselves to be Americana with a twist of Pop from a city of 100+ Degrees (that’s Arizona by the way) and have released their debut EP ‘One’ July 2015. They will also be releasing their new album ‘Rolling Thunder’ this summer!

I cannot believe these guys are not signed yet.  Had to triple check that they’re not signed. I had to message the band to check that they’re not signed. If these guys don’t explode soon (and bring shit loads of views to my blog) then I will lose all faith in humanity.

Okay let’s get to the actual music. Not going to lie, the lyrics (especially in ‘One’) are pretty cheesy and romanticized but that works incredibly well with Seth’s voice. You can hear that he actually gives a shit. And my favorite part: I actually understand the lyrics!! Each word is audible and paired with a really clever use of music. It feels like the music is following the lyrics creating a story telling feel which I find really interesting.

I find myself struggling to choose a favorite, the songs of the whole EP just work so well together that it feels like it’s all one coherent thing. Even though there is quite a bit of variation between each of the songs. It’s like when you go on PornHub and the right porno is waiting for you on the home page.

I’ve had them on repeat for about 3 hours in total today and I’m actually going to download this EP. That has not happened for a while. And I know I sound like I’m sucking up to the band but I can’t fault them, it’s just damn good music.

If you haven’t already, you need to check out their music. I know a specific person that will read this and YES check them out creep. You of all people will love this.

Here are all the links you need. Their Twitter, Facebook and most importantly their SoundCloud!


4 thoughts on “‘One’ EP review- Luxxe

  1. Their new ep is solid as well. I saw them a few times, and they do a great show everytime. I told my friend Nate about them, and brought him see them. He couldn’t believe it; there was a mad, excited grin upon his face the whole time. They have tons of other tracks they haven’t even recorded yet too, which is an exciting prospect.

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  2. This band is phenomenal I have seen them more than a couple of times now and am always impressed. It is always good to see them get the credit they deserve I will now be following this blog thank you for this post and for your taste in music. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said and can’t wait to hear more from them.

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