Females in the music industry and the right to have personal opinions.

I write this not because someone has pissed me off or offended me in any way but because I want to get my thoughts out there. On the subject of female singers/ musicians. In one of my latest reviews I say I’m not usually a fan of female singers-and you can read it here. The band (Colour Me Wednesday) asked me how come and it’s a rather difficult question to answer, personal taste mostly, followed by a really interesting response. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Here it is:

probably not ideal starting a review with that statement cos it could alienate a lot of potential female musicians

and it takes GUTS getting up there and performing your own music considering how sexist the industry/a lot of scenes are.

And I’m not going to do any research into sexism in the industry, only to emerge enlightened, no longer telling women to get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. That is not the kind of journalist I am. I am not a journalist at all actually. Just some cunt spewing opinions on the internet.

To that I have two responses and if these offend you then you probably should not be reading my blog in the first place.

Firstly, I don’t see how my opinion should matter in any way to potential listeners or artists. Yes, I state it and people read it, this influencing their likeliness to actually listen to the music itself. But that is when it gets a little bit more complicated.

Moreover, if my opinion is a negative one the reader will, in most cases, be inclined to listen to the music to form their own opinion or simply to prepare themselves to trash it. Although this is obviously not the case all of the time. Sometimes if I say ‘this is complete and utter shit’, some people will not bother.

But keeping that in mind, even if i would dislike the music I review, I would always look for any and all positives. This is mostly because there are too many people with different tastes in music; the least I want to do is discourage them from exploring other musical styles.

My second response, focused more directly on females in the industry, but more females in general.

Personally I don’t care whether this is a shit or a great thing, I am not a big follower of this modern day feminism. You may think of me as sexist even, I do that usually for comical effect. However when hyperboles and satire are not used (these mean taking the piss or exaggerations, no need to google it geniuses) my views tend to come from a male perspective (I have an older brother), here they are:

I don’t give a fuck if you have a dick or a pussy, if you want to do something just do it, nothing is stopping you. And if your gender makes things harder for you to succeed then fuck yes! Stop the bitching and whining that it’s unfair and prove those fuckers wrong. If you are forced to work so much harder for something then you probably will have more to show for it later. And if you sit, bitch and whine then you probably don’t have it in you. You probably are not passionate enough to succeed so just stop bothering.

Now I understand this is true in all cases , I think we all know that there are places where women really are oppressed and one day I hope I can do something to help. But not currently in most of western society. I hear these ‘twitter feminists’ spew bullshit about video games and people checking them out. Such a fucking shame, boohoo you have tits, people stare (including me). Isn’t that a shame.

And yeah, maybe there is this whole wage gap or maybe that is just propaganda but no one is stopping you from working towards a goal. No one is legally allowed to rape you and no one is stopping you from doing whatever the fuck you want to do (you know unless you’re chained up and shit, but then I really doubt you’d be reading this).

That concludes my rant. I hope I have given you insight into my mind and I hope to hear your opinions.


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