Colour Me Wednesday- ‘Anyone & Everyone’ EP Review

My first review of a female band, if you know me personally you know I am not a fan of female musicians however this band caught my interest. Their biggest perk is that they have, what you fancy British fucks call, charisma (and I’m not just saying that because the band is reading this). You can definitely feel the vegan, girl power ‘thing’ they attempt to convey.

Coming from London, Colour Me Wednesday is a Punk – Indie Pop band composed of: Camela Pietrangelo (bass), Harriet Doveton (guitar) and Jennifer Doveton (vocals). After releasing a debut album ‘I Thought it was this Morning’ in 2013 and then a 10 songs split with Spoonboy), the band has indeed recently signed with the French label KROD Records for the official release of their new EP ‘Anyone and Everyone’, available in streaming and pre-order!

Okay, let’s focus on the positives. My favourite song from the EP has to be ‘Horror Story’, it’s fast paced with a snazzy tune and Jennifer’s singing is at a nice low pitch, making the song pretty -let’s find another word for nice- enjoyable. However it is definitely not something I would usually listen to. Once again I find myself reviewing music that is different and interesting. The cheeriness and upbeat nature of their music makes me want to burn something… or someone, which is a good thing in this case. It makes me think bunnies and rainbows mixed with the gritty real life stuff, a real approach not taken by many punk bands (most of them kinda scream about wanting to commit suicide).

However, saying that of course, polish has to be a bitch. The lyrics are fast paced, so rather than understanding them, they become a low pitched female mush that is surprisingly pleasant to listen to. It may just be my inferior polish brain not processing English words quickly enough.

And so in summary, even if you’re not into indie or punk or chicks, I would really recommend having a listen. The music in this EP is different and fun and definitely something to play at a party (I don’t do parties- I don’t know parties- don’t judge me). You can purchase it, or listen for freeeee here.


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