Interview with bIg toBacCo coMpanY

If you were a porn star, what would your porn star name be?

If any of us were in porn, probably Daffy Dick or one of the three stooges.

Walk me through your creative process/ how do you make music?

Crafting music is an interesting process. It’s not something you just say, “Okay, time to write a song!”, but rather you actually have to feel it and process the end-product in your mind. I couldn’t properly count the amount of times that I pressured myself to write a song yet the only product that resulted was nothing short of building-block trash. Writing music is revealing yourself personally, yet simultaneously secretly. What I mean is that the writer is the only person whom usually knows truly what the song is about (though, sometimes the writer isn’t even sure), but there are many interpretations about what others may think the song means.  When you create a song, you want to capture a certain emotion and reciprocate that very same emotion into the listener. Like I said before, the meanings may lay in different directions depending on whom listens to it,  but you want the emotional impact to be similar. There is nothing more rewarding than when you write a song and you play it back to yourself on your speakers for the very first time and you create that very emotion. It’s also very frustrating when you write something that comes close but falls short if only slightly. Depending on the mood, you may try to salvage the song, or just ignore it entirely.

What inspired one of my personal favorites, ‘dICK, bUT’? 

It’s actually somewhat of a tribute title. There is a YouTube song called Dickbutt ( and it’s really an amazing song. Currently, there is not much creativity with our song titles, but I think that has begun to change. I know that personally a lot of times when I am writing a song that when it asks me to name it on the software program I use, that I type in random keys on my keyboard.  I actually sincerely regret doing this because it causes me to have to endure long scavenger hunts to find the song that I actually want to find. It’s also easy to forget certain songs this way. But, to put it simply, I was writing a song one day and it was coming out extremely well. I got excited and I typed in something completely random. Apparently when I get excited, I type, ‘dICK, bUT’?

 Tell me your most embarrassing childhood story.

Uh, I’m not sure actually, that’s a tough question. I – surprisingly enough – didn’t have that many embarrassing stories when I was a child. My life has been extremely mundane and diluted by repetitive surroundings. However, I once ate a green french fry that was rock solid in third grade. I’m not sure why in my eight year-old mind thought it was a good idea to eat the purely green and unsightly fry. It tasted awful and I immediately gagged it out. I took a drink of chocolate milk to diminish the taste, but all it did was create an odd chocolate spoiled french fry concoction that was even worse.

What do you think human meat tastes like?

I feel like human mebtcat is somewhat like the forbidden fruit. I believe human meat would taste extremely similar to really any other meat from an animal. Cannibalism is considered macabre because we believe as humans that we are head-and-shoulders above everything else in terms of sophistication and advancement. This clouds our judgement when it comes to actually tasting human meat or allowing the thought of doing so entering our minds. Let’s say you went out and killed somebody just to eat their… arm, I guess.. Well, most likely you are going to feel guilty because you just took another life and this person is now dead and decaying because of you. With this being said, your guilty mind will never allow you to truly taste the meat because you will be too emotional to actually focus on the taste of the flesh in your teeth. However: a cold-blooded killer with an interesting hobby of cooking humans would most likely be able to give you the most truthful answer because he is only looking for the taste and holds no guilt with his actions or his chewing. If you think about it, a lot of people would probably become vegetarian if they were forced to kill what animals they ate daily. The reason we can turn a blind eye to it is because we only see the gore from what we eat after it has been refined and processed. It looks prettier and less deadly or repulsive to the eye.  But, to put it short, I bet human meat tastes like chicken.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

Currently we are working on the sound quality itself of our music. Evan, whom is both the lead vocalist and our sound engineer, has been working tirelessly to try and develop a proper sound that is well received to the ear, yet unique to specifically us. Some of the songs we have released are going to be re-released with an improved sound and new recordings. We are also working on new music of course, but it has been a process with balancing the two properly. It’s a shame we can’t immediately process a song and put it out there, because we would have… a lot of songs. Our first album is currently in production and a taste of what is to come. We hope to have the entirety of the debut album developed and released as soon as possible. I can speak for all of us when I say I believe we are even more excited for the albums that will follow this debut album. Our musical style has sort of derailed into separate directions that has caused new depth and style to our music that wasn’t entirely there before. I think it will help show how different one of our songs may be from the next, rather than just something extremely similar. We really appreciate and love the feedback we receive because we enjoy communicating with those whom are interested in our music.  I would like to say thanks for the support to everybody out there. It was a pleasure to answer these questions and hopefully I do not seem totally insane.

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