Interview with Scott of September Sky

If you could choose how you die, what would be your way to go?

Wow, tough one. Probably at age 95 sitting in a rocking chair or sleeping. Nothing too fancy.

Where did the name ‘September Sky’ come from?

It’s symbolic of our music. Winter is the dark season. Summer is the light season. Fall is the season in between. The transition between the two. And September is the beginning of fall.

Do your political/ religious views influence the music you make?

Not really. More life experiences and emotions. Joys and struggle. T
he pain and goodness of a moment. The dark. The light. I think our outlook on life and faith certainly plays some role, but we don’t have a
political or religious agenda.

If you could co-operate with any band or artist who would it be and why?

Any of our influences would be great to collaborate with. Hurt, Tool, Breaking Benjamin to name a few. Have grown up listening to those bands and would be stoked to share some work/shows with them.

If you were making a porno, what would it be called and would it have a specific plot? 

Honestly have no idea. Not the porn directing type.

A penguin wearing a cloud costume, what is the first thing he says and why is he there?

“This itches.”

He must be there because of some sick pet gift joke?

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

Currently working on 3rd album. Expect release late summer or early fall 2016 along with a new music video for our single “Pieces” followed by live show dates.

And don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter!


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