The Surrealists Interview

Ryan, if you were making a porno, what would it be called and would it have a specific plot?

So have you ever heard of snuff porn? It would be called “Tyan Raylor” because Raylor sounds like Railor and railing something sounds like one fucking hell of a kinky euphemism. The plot would be my Uncle tied to a lamp post in Sri Lanka while I take revenge on him for years of physical and psychological trauma. Mouse traps and crowbars included. 

Tell me your most embarrassing childhood story.

Probably this one time my Uncle took me lamp post tagging in Sri Lanka.

A penguin wearing a gimp suit walks into a room, why is he there and what’s the first thing he says?

It’s incredible how much Uncle can fit into so little penguin.

What has been your weirdest sexual experience?… So far

Probably the time I accidentally impregnated a girl by having a wank and punching her in the crotch without washing my hands.

How do you balance your musical career and personal life?

When I feel sad I eat sesame seed rice cakes until I black out and envision a black Elvis Presley taking a shit on an igloo. I also enjoy yoga.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

We’re currently recording our debut 5 track EP ‘Terrortoma’. You can hear the first single from that album here:

Also, we’re doing a lovely PledgeMusic campaign to help raise the recording funds for said EP, you can pre-order a copy below:

And don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages!


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