Awake At Last- Never Be A Memory Review

A slightly outdated review, Awake At Last released their single ‘Never Be A Memory’ January 15 2016. A, what the ‘hip’ people call, ‘swanky’ music video (damn, Word knows that word… impressive), partnered with a grungy, catchy, punk-y tune. It’s comparable to a more serious (and actually good) All Time Low song; it has that modern punk repetitive feel, however it takes it very seriously. If Deaf Havana didn’t exist, this is what I would be listening to whist doing inappropriate things at 14.

A bit of background on the band:

“Awake At Last is a hard-hitting, melody driven rock band from Dover, Delaware. Formed in 2011, Awake At Last continues to tour the east coast with their energetic and charisma filled live show. Having logged several east coast and national tours to date and sharing the stage with acts such as Hawthorne Heights, Framing Hanley, Heartist, Emery, Glass Cloud, Life On Repeat, Broadside and more, Awake At Last places a strong emphasis on an explosive live show and building a following through constant touring.”

One of the biggest perks for me is that you can actually understand the lyrics, that way the feeling of the song is brought up. Making it more emotional and all of that fancy stuff (vagina powers activate!). So far the song has been on repeat for about an hour so either my hearing is completely fucked or the song is actually good!

The music video that comes along with it is actually a very cute attempt at a storyline. Not saying it’s bad, because I personally like it. It’s pretty entertaining (just one tip- more death, maybe kill some little kids too- but that’s just my vagina speaking), it keeps to a dark theme and a simple storyline. The filming slightly better than college level with some really fancy effects- the filters mostly, colours all work together so well done.

The overall feel you’d probably expect from the kids call a ‘scremo’ so I appreciate the twist. OH NO, SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY TRYING TO BE UNIQUE. Just don’t tell Trump (obviously our lord and saviour) or he’ll throw us down to them Mexicans.

The random thought aside, pretty good single guys and I look forward to meeting you when you tour the UK- that’s a hint to give me free tickets, just in case you didn’t catch that.

Make sure you check out the single on YouTube because it’s actually worth a listen. And don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter page to see what the band is up to.


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