Until We Get Caught Interview

Walk me through your creative process- how you create music

Dom- It always starts with some motivation and a good riff. I always paid more attention to instrumentals over lyrics so all the guitar and drum parts come before the lyrics. Once we’re happy with the sound, we put some lyrics and a story together and make some magic!

What do you think human meat tastes like?

Dom-Assuming I don’t already know…

Aleks- Chicken?

Keith- Beef but more lean.
Joey – I don’t know, we’d probably get parasites.

Tom – I bit my tongue once.

What kind of interests do you have outside of music?

Dom-I play a lot of video games but none of that main stream PS4 Xbox crap, I’m a hardcore Nintendo fan!

Aleks- If I’m not at band practice or shows, you’ll probably catch me at my favorite hookah lounge.

Keith- I also play a lot of video games but mostly the new consoles and also I enjoy playing baseball.
Joey – I play softball in 5Th Boro Sports league and I play a lot of Zombie games.

Tom – I’m a professional sales associate at Sears and proficient in appliances

What is your most embarrassing childhood story?

Dom-All of 8th grade.

Aleks- I ripped my pants trying to jump a small fence (failed and fell) while on vacation in Washington D.C with my family. Probably around 30 people saw the whole thing.

Keith- I got lost at a Yankee game and decided to ask one of the players to help me find my parents.
Joey – I’m actually too embarrassed to actually write it.

Tom – Cheeks stabbed me

What is the inspiration behind Whitehall Station from your new EP, Easy There, Killer?

Aleks- I wrote the song a while back, way before we were even a band. It’s about a girl I was head over heels for that was visiting her friends and family here in New York, since she lives in Chicago now. Long story short, we stayed friends and she moved on. Dom added some spice to the song by adding more angry/upset lyrics and the guitar part.

A penguin wearing a grim reaper costume walks into the room, why is he there and what is the first thing he says?

Dom- He walks up to a director and says “I’m trying out for ‘The Emperors new clothes’”

Aleks- I forgot my club penguin password

Keith- Where are my brothers Private, Skip, Rico and Kowalski
Joey – He said nothing because he is a penguin.

Tom – he squeaks…that is all.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

We’re planning as many shows and tours as we can for this year and of course working towards planning a full length album! Expect to see us travel the country and show the world what we got!

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