Reckless Youth review- The Shapers

Expecting another shitty punk album, I was once again surprised, my intuition failing me for a second time. Definitely punk but definitely not shit. Initial thoughts were that there is a fair bit of variety, whilst sticking to a very distinctive style. This is probably its biggest positive, each song actually sounds different yet you still know it’s the same band. Not many bands do that anymore, so kudos.

Bit of background- The Shapers are a French band formed in 2009. Composed of trio Anthony (vocals/guitar), Nicolas (bass/backing vocals) and Benoît (drums/backing vocals), the band became recognised though their China and Indonesia tour in 2011. Releasing their debut album, ‘Everybody Needs To Have A Dream’, in 2012 and later winning the ‘Best up-and-coming band’ competition as well as touring North America in 2013.

I am currently playing it in the background, so obviously it does not want to make me kill myself. Which is a massive positive in itself; I usually tend to listen to 5 seconds of a song before playing something worthy of my damaged hearing. But I’m actually really enjoying this.  However, personally I will not be spending $6.54 to get it, purely due to the fact that I would be all over this at the age of 13 (that was my emo phase- let’s not discuss it) plus I got it for free (thanks guys!)

My favourite track ‘No Regrets’, slows things down a little. Not a masterpiece lyrically but the tune is simple and just pleasant to hear, that may be my vagina speaking- been letting it loose a bit too often lately. Whilst slowing things down it still keeps the pop-punk style, as if Papa Roach and All Time Low got together, banged and had actually talented babies.

Another song that really sticks out is ‘Secrets’, or as I like to call it a big bowl of happy pills (mixed with Mexican jizz). I must admit, I’m not a big fan of the repetition. However that aside, it really is just musical insanity (in a good way if you’re wondering), the fast paced EVERYTHING takes you back to the time when you accidently took that one illegal drug at the age of 7 (..or is that just me?)

And so I reach my conclusions. As well as jizz finally being added to my Word dictionary, this EP is being, legally (wink wink), downloaded to be added to my music library. Filed under the ‘pretty snazzy’ category.

You can get it on ITunes now!

And don’t forget to check out their Twitter and Facebook.


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