Interview with The Shapers


Tell me about your weirdest sexual experience.

You should ask your Mom, she probably remembers better than me 😉

What/ who inspired you to start making music?

I usually spent my holiday skateboarding and watching skateboarding videos, full of punk rock soundtracks. It matched so well with the skateboarding spirit, I have started to write my own punk rock songs.

What do you think human meat tastes like?

It depends on who it is. Mine would probably have a pizza taste!

What is your new EP all about?

Reckless Youth” is the product of years of hard work, we poured our hearts into this record and gave it everything. We are all really pleased with the end result and are happy to release an EP that we are really proud of. We look forward to touring around Europe and beyond to support its release. There is a story behind each song, because we wanted to propose something with more personal lyrics and emotions, bringing in different feelings in each track.

A penguin wearing a dragon costume walks into the room, what is the first thing he says and why is he there?

“Hi guys, I’m on fire!” Unfortunately he’s here because of global warming and he wants to kill all humans for being responsible of the disappearance of his hometown.

If you were a porn star, what would your porn star name be?

Depending on the activities, Anthomilf or Anthorgy.

If you could co-operate with any band, who would it be and why?

We would really love to collaborate with SUM41 or Blink-182, because they are some of the first pop punk bands we listened to. We all grew up listening to them, and they always know how to keep things fun, it would probably be completely wild!

Reckless Youth is out on ITunes now!

Also check them out on Twitter and Facebook



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