Interview with Romeo Crow

If you were making a porno, what would it be called and would it have a specific plot?

Haha, what a question! Urm, plot-wise maybe some historical epic – the clothing in the past seemed more…accessible! Or perhaps a sci-fi; “Star Whores: My Force Awakens”. I guess the world is full of possibilities!

When did you first develop an interest in music?

When I was around thirteen I started getting interested in playing music and got my first instrument. Before that I was listening to pop and chart stuff – whatever other people were playing – but after that I got my first CD player and started curating my own music. That’s when I discovered rock, and realised that’s what I wanted to play.

A penguin wearing a batman costume walks into the room, why is he there and what is the first thing he says?

I, literally, have no idea; the mind boggles!
How do you balance your personal life with your musical career?

On the one hand it’s wonderfully easy; I work from home so I spend all my time with my family. On the other hand it’s very challenging; I work from home so I spend all my time with my family! What certainly has diminished is the amount of time I spend out with friends, though this is also, in part, due to having a young daughter; it means I don’t party quite like a used to!
Tell me your most embarrassing childhood story.

I honestly can’t remember anything that embarrassing. Either nothing embarrassing ever happened to me or it was so traumatic I blocked it out!
What inspired ‘Living Like You Do’?

That was about someone very close to me who needed to stop a certain habit but didn’t take notice until they were laying in a hospital bed being told “stop or die” by the doctor. Thankfully that seemed to sort them out!
And finally, what are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

I’ve got a few projects on the go that I’m trying to tie off (a song for a client, a music video for another client) then I’ll be fully focused back on my own projects, which include; a new “full band” EP called “Grip the Sky”, a new music video for a song off of it called “For the Weekend”, my third “Sketches” EP, a redesigned website, regular YouTube videos – at least two a month – and getting gigging live again! Plus a whole bunch of other bits! Suffice it to say I’ve big plans for 2016 to get a lot done. Time will tell if I manage it

If anyone wants to come and say hello to me I’m on Twitter and Facebook a fair bit, or they can grab six of my songs for free by heading to


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