Work Experience Log P2

Day 3

Depressingly enough I found out why they won’t let me play journalist within the first 10 minutes or so of the third day:

  1. a) They don’t care
  2. b) They don’t have time

Don’t get me wrong I still am happy to tell them to go fuck themselves however I guess it makes a bit more sense. However this is making me realise how boring sitting in front of a computer all day is. Frying out my eye balls as well as boring me to near death. I’ve really become an English person now; please take me back to the radio station.

I was thankfully taken out of the office for about three hours. In that time avoiding walking into old people dancing became somewhat of a hobby. Going to a Christmas ‘gathering’ to take interviews and photos was what I could have been doing- but I wasn’t. My task is to follow and to smile. Saying that, it was actually pretty fun, I found out more about the reporter I was with and realised that I could never be a news journalist, so take me back to MacDonald’s. But if any magazine or blog wants to pay me for spewing out my bullshit like I do, I will be more than happy to take your money and do it daily.  Imagine that… I would get arrested way too quickly.

Day 4

The fourth and final day, it was nice seeing something I wrote in the Friday paper, just a 200 word preview but I’m 17, I’ll take it. For the first time throughout any work experience I decided to disregard my doughnut Friday rule. Since I still don’t know these people they don’t get doughnuts, my personal screw you to them.

I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands I which I researched hunter s Thompson. I think me and Thompson would have been great friends, smoking weed by the pool, writing something that sounds like pure jizz.

I don’t think I could ever be an actual reporter. I need some kind of bias in my writing, I am happy to throw up facts and statistics all day but if I don’t comment on those my vagina explodes (I may know this from experience). I also have something called a heart- weird right? I would not be able to question a mother who has just lost a son; I’m not that much of a bitch.

My time is almost up and this has been another day where I did nothing. I wrote one article and this. Shameful, however it would be nice if they got me something… anything. I would even be happy with an introduction, how t all works, what people do ect. But no, they sit me down in front of a computer for four days and tell me to wait. And so I wait, to leave.

All in all this was definitely not work experience, it’s me taking some time off college to steal someone’s electricity and keep their seat warm in a professional looking setting. I feel like a rodent. They did not even realise I skipped a day and they do not realise I leave early.  I could come in as high as a kite and be as invisible as I am right now.

At least I got out twice, which made it kind of bearable. But as I said before and I will say it again- take me back to the radio station, this place is fucking boring.


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