Together We Stand Alone Review- Rise From Autumn

Before listening through to the album I thought oh no, not another shitty punk album, I’m not 13 anymore, no need to listen to that garbage. Only to be pleasantly surprised, their album actually being pretty good.  I can only attempt to compare it to bands like Shinedown and Bullet for My Valentine but still with a fancy little twist.

Now for a bit of background, the American band formed in New York early 2015, consisting of Todd McMahon on vocals, Michael Majka on drums, Scott Wendel on bass and Brennan Longley on guitar. The recently released album you’re reading about is Together We Stand Alone, consisting of 6 songs, so shall we get into it?

In the first 30 seconds of ‘Set Me Free’ I found myself wondering whether I accidently put on Shinedown– a good start. Throughout , I found that the album keeps a fairly slow pace, the tune keeping it going, however the tone of McMahons voice slowing and dragging it along. Any sort of emotion absent. It’s also fun to listen to, if you actually understand the lyrics. The focus required to do that is too great for my small Polish brain and if you do what I do, drift off for a second or two, all your effort will go to shit. ‘Love It When You Hate Me’ was particularly… Fascinating, the cheesy lyrics, cliché ending and repetitiveness made me want to chew my arm off.

Saying that, the combination of the tune and vocals make an original and interesting sound, the songs varying largely in style, lyrics, tune and pace. I found that the final song, ‘Come Clean’ was my favourite out of the six, it in a way combining the sounds of the other songs to form a nice 3 minute summary.

And so in general, as much as I seem to try to trash this album, it’s actually a great piece of rock music. When the band is under a label they may have a better mixer to make the volume levels of each instrument more balanced, however that is just me being picky.  With that said, looking through my notes I cannot find anything but positivity, which makes me throw up a little, buzz words such as  ‘perk’ ,’well done’ and ‘awesome’ pop up too often.

So well done guys, a pretty good album you got there, looking forward to the second one.


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