Thoughts of a shit-head

Before the age of 16 most of us can’t wait to grow up and do ALL the adult things… but what we don’t take into account is the time right before this ‘adult’ hell begins: College and University. During this time, I personally, am juggling A Levels, a part time job and attempting to get any sort of work experience to be ahead of the cunts who want to steal my job.

This expectation that teenagers will work any spare second they have is nothing short of bullshit.  Teenagers are naturally lazy, tired and just not bothered; we think about getting laid more than we think about what was set for that one lesson… what was it called again? So why do I spend my weekdays at college, just to drag my tired ass into work on the weekend? If only I knew the answer. Let’s just say logging into my bank account on the last working day of the month is a really pleasant feeling.

Along with that, family and friends are not in any kind of way helpful in all of the mess. The constant nagging to socialise is mind numbingly annoying. The idea of socialising is alien to me, I tend to avoid people, if I don’t bad thing tend to happen (trust me, I’ve learnt from experience).

And so with all of these pressures coming from all sides what can we do? I would love to know the answer to this because as most teenagers right now I am breaking under the pressure of it all. Hard times ahead but it will only get easier, after some time anyway.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts of a shit-head

  1. I’m in my first year of college and I hate a levels urgh they’re just so draining and they require so much effort ): I’ve been looking for a job but I’m starting to reconsider and think if it’s worth it because I’m tired as it is but as you said, seeing your bank account when you get paid must feel great; I do want to earn my own money after all. Look on the bright side, it’s your last year right? Then you have uni (if you’re going) which is supposed to be even better. (Love your blog btw – new follower)


  2. It’s a very challenging phase for sure, I so wish I had more mentors to guide me through that time. Music and one real mentor that I had, my college pastor, really pulled me through. My parents were behind me and that definitely meant a lot but they didn’t know how to guide me, considering how the times were completely different from when they went through the phase, plus I was in a foreign country.

    One thing that’s helped me a lot, though a hard lesson to learn, is this: either HELL YEAH or no. That helps you figure out what’s really important and what’s not. We have to learn to say no to not only things we don’t like but also stuff we do like, but are less important. Because in life we only have so much room and so we have to put in stuff that’s really important — life sleep and fun. Oh, food, too. And sex. 😉

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