Blinded Under Disaster- Interview

You have this very beautifully distorted sound to your music, how did this come about?

I’ve always loved distortion since I first started playing guitar as a kid and now I’ve just worked my style and found the way I like to have it distorted plus I’m a big Nirvana and Kurt Cobain fan as well as black metal and lo-fi elements.

What does the name Blinded Under Disaster mean to you?

The name came from a bearded dragon named Bud then I just thought of a long name for it and Blinded Under Disaster came to mind plus I smoke ‘green’ so works well.

If you were a porn star, what would your porn star name choose?

Hugh missile lol that be my porn star name.

A penguin wearing a tiger onsie walks into the room, why is he there and what is the first thing he says?

He’s there to buy crack cocaine from a panda bear who smoking a blunt and has a 9mm ready and crack head shit that the penguin might pull.

Tell me your most embarrassing childhood story.

Getting the wind knocked out of me bmxing trying to ghost ride my bike feet hit back pegs and straight to the ground I went.

Do you have and stances on religion and if so, how do they influence the music you create?

I believe that something created us but religion to me just seems to cause a lot of problems in the world more than good if god was, what they say, everyone would pray together.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

Found a drummer and we are jamming tunes out and a Japanther covered mix tape as well in near future filming videos of us making music.

Don’t forget to check out his SoundCloud and Twitter



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