Interview with Patrick, the lead guitarist of She Pulled The Trigger

If you could make a porno, what would it be called and would it have a specific plot?CNSrvTfWwAAADpc

If I was to make a porno I’d have to say it would be called “Unplugged”. Probably wouldn’t have a plot but I can assure you it would be entertaining. I would say it’s in the band’s best interest to stick to making music videos…at least for now.

What has been your biggest inspiration to start playing guitar?

My biggest inspiration to start playing the guitar is from being a kid (13-15 years old) when music became a release for me from my problems and I realized I could put my feelings into songs and help other people get through what they have going on. Music is my passion and I’m going to make sure SPTT keeps delivering only the best songs to our extremely supportive fan base as we all grow together into something huge.

A penguin wearing a sombrero walks into the room, why is he there and what is the first thing he says?

If a penguin wearing a sombrero walked into the room I would probably offer him a beer. I’d imagine he would be there because he saw our latest music video “Stand Up and Fight” on YouTube. He would probably ask to try out as our drummer. Nick (drummer) is pretty sick, but a penguin with a sombrero…we may need to consider some changes.

What has been the biggest challenge in your musical career so far?

The biggest challenge in my musical career so far has been to find the right group of guys who are committed to doing whatever it takes to get great music out to the world. I am very grateful to be a part of “She Pulled The Trigger” because everyone in this band does their part. We have a great team working with us and it continues to grow daily.
How did the band name ‘She Pulled The Trigger’ come about?

Chris (vocalist/guitar) came up with the band name. I think it’s pretty bad ass.

If you were an STD, what STD would you be?

If I was an STD…well shit…herpes.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?  

Currently we are working on a new music video/single and plan to have that out this Fall. Our merch line is in production so we are excited to get that out to our fans. You can expect to see more videos and to hear more music from “She Pulled The Trigger” and eventually a tour (which will be insane so get out to the shows when that goes down).


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