Interview with Marek Koscikiewicz

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Marek Koscikiewicz, I’m from Poland. I was born in Warsaw, the capital of Poland and I am a member of the group De Mono. I’m the producer and the song-writer but my previous occupation was art. I studied design at art school. But when I finished my studies I stuid_c2f5ebefd837ef76ecc7bddbab31f5691412936065102_width_300_play_0_pos_0_gs_0_height_225
arted to play music for fun and then one of my songs became a big hit in Poland.

Tell me a bit about your background and the influences that pushed your forward.

The 80s and 90s was a great time for polish music, because it was after the changes (political changes). But I think this time was also good for music in England, I remember when I worked here (UK) as a waiter, it was ’81, I think and there was a lot of great music, which inspired me. That was the time when U2 and The Police were up and coming. Of course before, I was a big fan of Pink Floyd and also New
Romantic and UB40. That was the time that disco music started becoming popular so there were a lot of influences which I loved. So I think that was the background; for me the music was always very important

Then I started to play, I think that the older melodies, the older atmosphere of the music grew on me, so I decided to compose a song just for fun, but suddenly the song started playing on the radio so from a small garage band we started to play gigs around Poland. After that we started playing for polish communities outside of the country, in the US; Chicago, New York and now in London.

Can you say a little about your journey in the musical business?

So I think that the second part of my work is to work for other musicians especially young people. And I know a lot of great musicians and composers work with young people because of their experience. They know a lot about music, so it’s similar to sport: for example soccer players start to train after finishing with their careers.

I also had a record label which signed a lot of very talented musicians but before 2000 I sold all the shares to BMG, who are now paired with Sony. So I worked not only as a song-writer but also for the company. There was a time where we started a pop culture magazine which is still available online.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to get into the music business?

                I remember I liked to listen to Paul McCartney and John Lennon but after The Beatles split up, I think they both had great talent to create melodies. I love David Bowie, The Sting and The Police. I always found the melody to be the most important in a song, paired with good production, is something I think that people really enjoy.

A penguin wearing a top hat walks through the door, what is the first thing he says?

‘Where’s my bowtie?’

What do you think are some of the major problems we are facing right now?

I think we live in a very nice moment for Europe without war or fighting but I think for our kids we should think about how to solve the problems which exist.  Like the huge immigration problem from places such as Syria. I think it’s important to find a solution, see what we can do to help. But still there’s the extremist problem (terrorism). These are a lot of the things which we should address.

I would like to live in a world where there is no violence. I’m a rather calm person, I don’t even like boxing. Maybe it’s funny but we should focus on smiling and laughter, not fighting.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

I started something new for me and invested in a restaurant. My partner is a great kitchen chef so I started to learn how to cook. A big part of the restaurant is the wine. So I completed level 2 of a winery course since drinking and picking out wines is a hobby of mine. Finding the best wines, that is something I do for fun.

The second part of my work is still the music, I make music for commercials, and I write songs if someone commissions me to. So I write and spend less time in production because there are a lot of great guys who do it every day, love it and know how to make a really great sound.

I believe, in Poland there are a lot of talented young people who need their own repertoire so there still is a place for people like me to help them.


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