If you could make your own porno, what would it be called?

“Our last single (and one of the tracks on our latest EP) was called ‘Watch me Fall’, so maybe ‘Watch me Ball’?”

Wimage2hat’s the story behind your name, Puppet Rebellion?
“Our old singer came up wit
h the name – it’s about how he felt at being frustrated in his old band. He felt like he was being told what to do and not being able to have as much input as he wanted. We each put names in a hat, then pulled them out one by one and voted on them, I disliked the name at first, but now I think it’s great!”

If you could bang any celebrity, who would it be and why?

“If you mean ‘bang’ as in fuck, then I would say Taylor Swift, but if you mean ‘bang’ as in ‘knock the fuck out’ I would go with Bieber.”

If you were an STD, what STD would you be?

Gonorrhea – because we’re almost impossible to get rid of.

A penguin wearing a top hat walks through the door, why is he here and what is the first thing he says?

“He’s late for a wedding and says ‘has anybody seen my tuxedo?”

What/who has been your biggest inspiration?

Jim:“I, personally really liked Guns N Roses when I was a kid. I started playing guitar because of Slash. My music taste has broadened over the years, but I still hold Slash in really high regard.”

What has been the biggest challenge in your musical career so far?

“Our old singer leaving us and having to find an equally talented replacement! Thankfully, we got lucky with our new singer Ollie. He is a beautiful man.”

So lastly what are you currently working on and what can we expect to see in the next couple of months?

“We’re gearing up to release our next EP ‘Life is in Your Hands’ on 31st August. We’re doing a gig on 29th August at Gullivers in Manchester to launch the EP, then a few dates across the country to support it. Check our website (www.puppetrebellion.com) for live dates!”

You can check out their music: soundcloud.com/puppetrebellion

Also follow them on Twitter: @PuppetRebellion

Or check out their Facebook: www.facebook.com/PuppetRebellion


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