College life

My darlings, if you have enrolled into college a few short months ago, congratulations. Welcome to the real world. If not… Well… I have no use for you at the very moment. I, myself am a newbie to college life, everything I thought made me special or somewhat valuable have dissolved along with the chances of you getting laid. Any sort of work has become a drag and the subjects I thought I loved have become a reincarnated version of a GCSE maths lesson but without the pissing about aspect.

My mocks are just around the corner and when I say ‘around the corner’ I mean in two very shorts days. So why am I writing this instead of revising you ask? My excuse is that I need to get back into the swing of being a bi***! I mean a great writer for my audience to enjoy…… Yep. That one…

I want to know about your college experiences? How many times did you get beat up? How many times has someone offered you weed? Those are the sort of questions the world needs to know the answers to.

Personally, college for me has become a vortex of constant drama, people behaving like five year olds just because they no longer have to hold their parents hand when crossing the street. I have figured out a way to shut it all out, a way to be at peace in the constant mess; staying the hell away.

Alike to my pervious suggestion of keeping away from orange faced orangutan young ladies, I’ve expanded my rule into simply avoiding people altogether. And good part is once you get into it, people stop caring and forget about you like that one dead goldfish, remember that? Me neither.

However much college life scares me it is nothing compared to that exam paper staring right at you, determining how your future will unfold.

Excuse the short article, I will slowly get back into writing for your aural pleasure.

Now get out.


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