Feminism; the road to dysfunction

I’m here, once again talking about feminism, you may have not read it before since I made it detailed enough to get it removed within about half an hour of publishing it, that’s talent right there.

Now I am not here to crap all over everyone who has a vagina… Again… Today I have done my research (sort of) and I’m here to discuss this controversial topic, however don’t flatter yourself my war against stupid people with breasts continues.

I want to take a second to talk about a particular young lady who has really attracted my attention. Rebecca Watson. You will not be forgetting that name any time soon. And why is that you ask? Well let me tell you a story that goes back all the way to September 2013 she states and I quote “I heard if male atheists on YouTube goes too long without calling a woman a cunt his balls will actually shrivel up and tuck up inside of him forming what some call a mangina”

Take that as you will but that is not the only time she has insulted the male population. And my dear friends, if that didn’t woo you enough you’d be glad to know that there are a lot more of them out there.. Waiting until you find that one woman attractive so they can tell you that you are objectifying her and you are not right.

Somehow, I wish I could gather them and expose them to such high pressures their brains would explode, now ladies and gentlemen, I understand that that is rather graphic, however I have my reasons. Radical feminists, the Westborugh baptist church of every generation. Preaching for everything with a penis to burn in hell. ‘Check out’ a woman, you’re raping her. A woman hits a man, she’s empowered. In their ideal world, women would never shave, be as fat as they like, dress however they like and if a woman dressed a bit too slutty, she would hung on the spot. Let’s not forget keeping a few males tied up for their ‘pleasures’. And what an ideal world it would be. Imagine it. Mindless (radical) feminists taking to the streets and there is no one but you and your trusty shotgun (insert female name here, popular examples include: Sally, Barbra and Simone) . Someone make that into a game. oh wait.. they already have its called every single zombie game that’s ever been made.

Now I realise feminism is a beautiful thing, equality is something that we should strive to achieve not just as a community but as the lonely race of humans stuck on a giant ball in the middle of nowhere that we are. However claiming that video games and other forms of media are sexist and should no longer exist simply because of the existence of tits will do nothing to create an equal world for genders, sexualities and.. Well.. People. So what’s the damn point. Fighting fire with fire won’t make it go out. Now get out.


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