What Happens In Kavos Stays In Kavos

The mass orgy of a town is famous for its non-stop party atmosphere and infamous ‘foaming’ nightclubs. This week, just for you, I am here absorbing the sexual energy surrounded by horny 20 year olds. Alcohol and six-packs are pouring out of all directions in what I like to the call gathering of the twats. My mood has finally been lifted since I am now able to write about all the horrors I have and shortly will experience.

I am currently sitting by a lovely pool about 20 minutes (walk) away from the party capital, otherwise known as Kavos. It is currently 14:22, or 2:22pm for all of you who are special enough to not understand a 24h clock, before I get into the juicy details. I must warn you I will not give you any facts and figures as I am going to experience this hell first hand tonight…

‘Eat Sleep Paint Repeat’ seemed to be a bra/vest top that was ‘the thing’ and after a friendly ‘f*ck off’ I got told that they had no idea what it meant. Congrats guys, once again you have proven to be masterminds of your own kind. Overall, this experience had convinced me that I have been too nice about them, the specimens had exceeded all of my expectations and I have decided to stay far away and just deal with pop culture rather than the egotistical idiots who keep it afloat. Now get out.


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