Exams, Meditating And A Little Hating

I’ve been putting off writing since I am at the beginning of exam season and well… 3 down 9 to go. Good luck to anyone who has exams, except to year 10s, sorry, I bet you’re great but you don’t know the meaning of exam season. So today I will just give you guys a quick update since I am in OCR and I have a few spare minutes. I have decided to write something to pretend I miss you and I really care about what is going on in your head. So today’s topic is…….. Drumroll please…… things that really get on my nerves.

You may be able to imagine, there are a lot of things, however I have recently taken up the hippie based activity of meditating, for all of you druggies out there reading this, congratulations you can read and also, meditating is basically equivalent to you guys getting high and as you call it, chilling out. This, potentially discriminatory, activity has made me hate a lot less things and I highly recommend you do it at any spare moment, and feel free to do it in the middle of a road, you know, just if you want to.

It’s the time of a teenagers’ life where the druggies get as high as they can and the people who actually care the slightest stress out so much that their brains explode and slowly leak out of their nose and after the exams finish they will forever be mummified and will go on living their life like robots: getting a low paid job, getting promoted, getting money, getting money and then getting more money. Keeping in mind that half of this is being taken away by the government.

I often see these hipster girls who look like they’ve just smoked a joint and act like a five year old after another kid says they have a crush on another kid and they are trying to deny it. I do not wish to offend them, actually I do, either way, they need to face the facts, them acting like that isn’t going to get them anywhere in life and it certainly isn’t going to make them be treated the ‘way they deserve’. IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A NORMAL PERSON THEN please STOP ACTING LIKE A COLLOSAL errrr… you know, twat…to put it nicely. I will attempt to avoid such topics in the future and in the words of the great Charlie Brooker ‘Now get out’.


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